How to record Purchase returns and Sales Returns in Tally Prime ?

What is DEBIT NOTE ? This voucher is open is the ALT + F5 key is pressed. If the company returns the purchase commodity for any reason (Ex: Damages, inferior quality etc,,), it should be recorded in this voucher. Transactions related to purchase returns come into this voucher. It can also record interest calculations. WhatRead More »



Usually, the company buys and sells goods on a credit basis from parties. We can use purchase and sales vouchers to enter the transactions said earlier. Then, Tally generates outstanding reports for payable and receivables automatically.For Example:We purchased goods from ABC Electronics for Rs. 30000/- on a credit basis. On 01/04/2020.We can record the purchaseRead More »

How do you create Purchase and Sales order in Tally ERP9 ?

ORDER PROCESSING IN TALLY ERP9 Order Processing in Tally ERP 9, categorized into Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing and Job Order Processing. PURCHASE ORDER PROCESSING: Purchase Order Processing is placing orders to suppliers (or) Sundry creditors for purchasing goods/stock from them. The following vouchers are required to do Purchase order processing. PURCHASE ORDER :Read More »