Parentheses matching problem.

Given a set of parentheses (a string expression), we aim to validate those parentheses. Let us see this with some examples. We can solve this problem using stack data structure. Here we have taken three sets of braces which are ‘{}’, ‘()’ and ‘[]’. Algorithm Check if stack not empty and current bracket character isRead More »


Queue using two stacks

A Queue is a FIFO (First In First Out) data structure. In this article, we aim to implement a Queue using two stack data structures. To implement Queue generally, we have some simple data structure that can hold data. In general, Queue supports insertion (enqueue) and deletion (dequeue) operations, which we can do with constantRead More »

Stack data structure

Stack is the most popular and historical data structure. A list of items arranged one on top of others. Stack data structure popularly used to maintain program memory stack. It follows the last-in-first-out order. Let’s consider a stack of discs as shown in the below picture. As shown in this diagram, only the top nodeRead More »