What is Job Work out order in Tally Prime?

ASSIGNMENT ON JOB WORK OUT PROCESSING Company placed an order to XYZ INDUSTRIES for manufacturing 20no.s of Laptops. To manufacture 20no.s of laptops following Raw Materials will be supplied by our company. Raw Materials – Each item opening balance is 100pcs. (Order No: Job out / xyz / 001) S. No NAME OF THE ITEMRead More »


How can we maintain Batch-wise details in Tally Prime?

Batch-Wise details is a part of advanced inventory management. Bath wise information useful where perishable goods like medicines, sea-food, dairy products (ex: ice -creams, butter milk) fruits, vegetables, flowers and meat , poultry etc. Batch-wise details is used widely in pharmaceutical industries as compared to to other sectors. We can track manufacturing dates and expiryRead More »