What is the difference between Tally ERP9 and Tally Prime ?

1. DATA ACCESS In Tally ERP9, We can retrieve the data by giving the folder path. In Tally Prime, We can specify the folder path. Or Here, is a new feature available i.e. “select from drive” . Using this feature, we can route the Tally Data folder path. 2. COMPANY INFO In the older TallyRead More »


What is INVENTORY in Tally?

Inventory means Stock maintenance and godown maintenance. Inventory management in Tally automatically generates reports like godown summary, stock summary, and movement analysis, etc.! ASSIGNMENT ON INVENTORY Create the following Stock Groups. Electronics Books Mobiles Create the following Stock Categories. i7 processor i8 processor i9 processor 4gb RAM 6gb RAM 2gb RAM Test Papers Text BooksRead More »