Python hello world program

Python is a scripting language that runs using a python interpreter. The interpreter converts the program (python text file with “.py” extension) into hardware understandable format. Let us see a simple hello world program using python language. While we install the python program, it gives a set of executables in which one executable is “python”Read More »

Trie Data Structure

Trie data structures are useful to process and search in large character data sets. It takes only orders of word length to search a word in length file or a million words dictionary. Some examples where Trie’s use. In finding words in large files. In finding any word in the large dictionary of words. InRead More »

Clone given Graph

Given a graph with an adjacency list, we aim to clone the complete graph with edges. Cloning does creates a new memory for similar data. Let us understand this with a three-node example graph. We can solve this problem using either DFS or BFS. Let’s solve this problem using DFS. Our Graph object contains theRead More »