COVID-19 Statistics

Corona Virus Disease 2019, First case found in Wuhan China and now spread across the world with more than 1million cases. Below are some of the COVID statistics.

Covid-19 Cases


Top 20 countries in Corona cases

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Worldwide Covid-19 Cases


Quarantine yourself until you don’t have any emergency to go social. When you out below are some helpful tips to follow.

  1. Wash your hands whenever you touch something.
  2. Follow a minimum distance of at least 2meters.
  3. Be cautious while touching hotspots like lift buttons, stairs supports, calling bells…etc.
  4. Wear a mask/cloth always.
  5. Avoid any unnecessary contacts/touches.
  6. Follow government orders which ever country you belongs to.
  7. If you feel any cough/cold with throat pain call government helpline numbers without any hesitation.

Stay home! Stay safe. Staying in home is serving nation now!