How to create Job work in Order Process in Tally Prime ?

What is “Job Work in” Order Process?

If an order comes from another company to our company for making any goods or for any services, the process is called “Job Work – In Process.

What is “Job Work Out” Order Process ?

If our company orders another company to make any goods or services, the process is called “Job Work out Process.”


We will record the transactions of Job work in orders in this voucher. Those who have given a job work order to our company are called Principal Manufacturer. This Job work-in order contains details about finished goods, raw material to be sent to principal manufacturer, quantity and how many days to deliver.


Principal manufacturer will deliver the raw materials according to the job work in order. Then, this transaction should be record in this voucher.

Similarly, in the job work out process, even if the company receives finished goods then record in this voucher.

This material in voucher needs to be create voucher type in accordance with job work in order process.


This voucher is a part of stock journal. In this voucher, we record the goods, raw material, quantity, and cost of production as a part of job work in process.


As a part of job work in process, it records the delivery of the produced commodity to the principal manufacturer. Moreover, as part of the job workout process, we will record in this voucher if the other company delivers the goods we have ordered.


  1. Tarak Industries company received a job order from Raaji Mobile Technologies to manufacture 2000no.s of Android mobiles. Order No: Job / R /001. To manufacture 2000 no.s of Android mobiles following Raw materials will be supplied by Raaji Mobile Technologies
2Litium Battery2000500
3Battery Charger20001600
4Switch / Key Tip2000500
5Central Processing Unit (CPU)2000789
7Visual Display (LCD)2000421
8Antenna Switch2000450
8Hager IC20001500
9VCO (Voltage Control Oscilator)20001600
10Audio IC20001900
11UEM IC (Universal Energy Module)20001450
12LED (Light Emitting Diode)2000258
13RF Crystal2000547
14Ear Speaker2000850
16Vibratory Motor2000652
17SIM Card Socket2000321
18Memory Card2000145
19External Antenna Socket2000890
20RETU IC2000950
21tahova ic20001000
22OMAP Module2000450
23Hands Free Connector20001450
24Flash IC20001600
25RAP 4G IC20001250
26USB Connector20001100
27Joy Stick20001460
28Software Connector Parts20001000
29Connector TIP20001200
  1. Tarak industries received stock from Raaji Mobile Technologies against ref no: job / R / 001
  2. Tarak Industries transferred the following stock to produce 2000 no.s of Android mobiles. The job work is using Transistor, photo diode and Resistor which are own consumption are also transferred to the production floor.
    • Transistor (opening Balance 4000no.s , Rate : 1000) – 2000no.s
    • Photo Diode (opening Balance 6000no.s , Rate : 500) – 2000no.s
    • Resistor (Opening Balance 3000no.s , Rate : 800) – 2000no.s
  3. Tarak Industries manufactured 2000no.s of Mobile Phones
  4. Tarak Industries raised a sales invoice on Raaji Mobile technologies for (Job work charge : 50,00,000, Cost of Material consumed : Rs. 46,00,000)
  5. Tarak Industries received amount from Raaji mobile technologies against ref no : job / R/ 001


Setting Up Features

  • Press F11 for company features
  • Maintain Inventory : Yes
  • Enable job order processing : Yes
  • Enable cost tracking : Yes
  • Press enter : Accept _ Yes

Creating Godowns

  • Gateway of Tally > Masters > Inventory Masters > Godown
  • Click on Create New
  • Now Create the following godowns
  • Name : Raw material location
  • Allow storage of materials : Yes
  • Press enter – Accept _ Yes
  • Name : Finished Goods location
  • Allow storage of materials : yes
  • Press enter – Accept _ Yes
  • Name : Job work in location
  • Allow storage of materials : Yes
  • Use for :
    Third Party stock with us : Yes
  • Press enter Accept _ Yes
  • Name : Scrap location
  • Allow storage of materials : Yes
  • Press Enter _ Accept _ Yes


  • Gateway of Tally > Masters > Create > Accounts Masters
  • Voucher types > Press enter
  • Name : Material In (RM)
  • Select Type of Voucher : Material In
  • Activate this voucher Type : Yes
  • Use for Job work : Yes
  • Use for Job work in : Yes
  • Press enter _ Accept – Yes
  • Name : Material Out (FG / Transfer)
  • Select Type of Voucher : Material Out
  • Activate this voucher type : Yes
  • Use for Job Work : Yes
  • Use for Job work in : Yes
  • Press Enter _ Accept _ Yes