How to create stock items in Tally Prime?

Inventory means Stock management. Inventory management is a major feature of Tally Prime. Transactions related to Inventory should be entered with the following inventory masters.

  1. Stock Items
  2. Stock Groups
  3. Stock Categories
  4. Godowns / Locations
  5. Units of Measurement

What is a Stock Item ?

The items which we sell or buy and which are stored in our company godowns are called as stock items.

Examples: Computers, Laptops, Lux, Cinthol, Commerce books etc..

What is a Stock Group ?

We can record stock items under stock groups. For example, Computer is a stock item and Electronics is its group. Similarly, Items like TVs, Laptops, Mobiles comes under Electronics group. Commerce is a stock item and Books is its group. Lux is a stock item and soaps is its group. Stock items are classified under Stock groups.

Example : Electronics, Books, Soaps etc..

What is a Stock Category ?

For Example, If a keyboard is a stock item, then Electronics is a stock group. Whether that keyboard is a normal keyboard, or a multimedia keyboard is a stock category.

Examples about stock category :

Test papers, Text books, 21 Inches TV, 1 TB Hard Disk


The place where stock items are stored in our company is called godowns / location.

Example : On-Site location, Warehouse location, Rawmaterial location


The measure of stock is called as UNITS OF MEASUREMENT

Example : PCS, No.s, Liters, Kgs etc..


Create the following Godowns with the following Details

RajamSatya Complex, Plkd Road, Primary

Create the following Stock Groups

  • Electronics
  • Books
  • Soaps
  • Vehicles

Create the following Stock Categories

  • 21″
  • 14″
  • 28″
  • Bar
  • Text Books
  • Test Papers

Create the following Units of Measurement

  • Pcs
  • No.s

Create the following Stock items under Stock Group BOOKS

CommerceText BooksNo.s100505015015000
EnglishTest PapersNo.s2006014012024000
MathsText BooksNo.s100802018018000
N.SText BooksNo.s25010015010025000
P.S.Test PapersNo.s150856510015000
HindiTest PapersNo.s225901359020250
SanskritTest PapersNo.s300300011033000
MS OfficeText BooksNo.s165100658013200
TallyText BooksNo.s7040301208400
PhotoshopText BooksNo.s1207511511513800



  • Press F11 for company features
  • Maintain Inventory > Yes
  • Accept_yes


  • Gateway of Tally
    • Masters
      • Create
        (Creation of Godowns)
        • Godown
  • Click on “Create New” option
  • Name : Rajam
  • Under : Primary
  • Address : Enter the Address
    (If you not found the address field, press F12 for configuration, Activate the option USE ADDRESSES FOR GODOWNS : YES)
  • Press Enter, Accept_ Yes
    (Similarly create the another godown Amdalavalasa)
  • Press Backspace to go back
  • (Creation of Stock Groups)
    Select Stock group > Press enter
  • Name : Electronics
  • Under : Primary
  • Press enter > Accept_Yes
    (Similarly, create the remaining groups)
  • Press Backspace to go back
  • (Creation of Stock Categories)
    Select Stock category > Press enter
  • Name : 21″
  • Under : Primary
  • Accept_Yes
  • Press Backspace to go back
  • (Creation of Unit)
    Select Unit > Press enter
  • Type : Simple
  • Symbol : Pcs
  • Formal Name : Pieces
  • Unit Quantity Code : Pieces
  • Number of Decimal Places : 0
  • Accept_Yes
    Similarly create the remaining unit
  • Press Backspace to go Back
  • Now select the stock item > press enter
  • Press F12 for configuration and activate the following features
  • Inventory Details:
    • Use Stock groups for Stock items : Yes
    • Use Stock Categories for Stock items : Yes
    • Provide Units of Measurement (Uom) for stock iems : Yes
    • Accept_ Yes
  • Name : Commerce (Press enter )
  • Under : Books (Select the group from the list)
  • Category : Text Books (select the category from the list )
  • Units : No.s
  • Skip the remaining details
  • Quantity : enter the total quantity <press enter>
  • Godown : Select Rajam godown <press enter >
  • Quantity : 50 <press enter >
  • Rate : 150 < Press enter >
  • Amount : <automatically calculates > press enter
  • Godown : Select Amdalavalasa godown < press enter >
  • Quantity : 50 <press enter >
  • Rate : 150 <press enter >
  • Amount : <Automatically calculates>
  • Rate : 150 <Press enter >
  • Total Amount : 15,000
  • Press enter Accept _ Yes
    similarly enter the remaining items also


  • Gateway of Tally > Reports > Stock summary
  • Press ALT + F1 for detailed report

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